About Painting with Light Photography:

Once upon a time, two very different people crossed paths and decided to start a new journey together. Fonda and Lesley shared many interests throughout this journey, to include photography. They each had unique backgrounds and diverse interests in photography that ultimately complimented each other. As their love for, and knowledge of, photography grew, they decided on the joint venture that is now called Painting with Light Photography.

“Why call it Painting with Light Photography?” you ask. The answer is both simple and complex. We could think of no better name for a photography business! A camera works simply by “writing” or “painting” with light. Light is reflected off of the subject, enters into the camera, and is captured by the image sensor. Yes, it is that simple, well, sort of…

We wanted a name to articulate our desire for the historical preservation and respect of the art behind photography. We also wanted to give potential customers a glimpse of our unique creative vision. We wanted to be something different in the photography realm.

There are many decisions to be made when preserving memories in your daily walk. The decision to invest in professional photography or to rely on the cell phone camera is sometimes the first step in the process. Our advice would be to save the cell phone camera for another day, and hire a professional in order to get professional results. Aren’t your family memories worth a little investment in the present?

The choice of photographer is a major, and incredibly personal decision for each individual. We would be honored to have the opportunity to add some creative vision to your memories. We encourage you to take a look at our galleries and decide for yourself if our style is right for your needs.

The final decision normally involves the decision on where to print your images. Yes, we know that you can print images on your home computer or even at the local drug store if we provide you with the digital format of the image. We challenge you to compare the results from these options with our professional lab. The results are stunning.

We know, because we compared for ourselves when deciding which options to make available to our customers.