-What do I need to do to prepare for my photoshoot session?

This is an excellent question!  Proper preparation before you arrive on the scene of the photoshoot can make you more comfortable, assist the photographer, and yield much better images from your session. 

Proper preparation before arrival will also greatly reduce the amount of time spent adjusting items out of place before the images are captured thereby potentially giving you a better selection of images.  Please do not come to the photoshoot with the mindset that “they can edit the images and make that go away.”

You should always dress and prepare as if “all of you” will be captured in the image.  Please do not assume things will not show in the image (scuffed shoes, peeling heel pads on high heels, feet, socks, unkempt fingernails/toenails, chipped nail polish, visible bra straps, etc.). 

For the ladies, please make sure that you have freshly shaved legs, and do not assume that stubble will not be “seen” by the camera.  Tuck in bra straps, and consider wearing nude colored bras as opposed to brightly colored ones in the event the straps do show.  We speak from experience on this topic. 

When selecting clothing, keep in mind that covered arms often photograph better than uncovered arms (tanks tops, etc.).

V neck garments are universally flattering to women.

Moisturize tattoos with a non-greasy lotion prior to your session.

Color selection of your clothing items is critical to a good image.  Bright colors flatter darker skin tones, but may cause color casting on the neck and facial areas in persons with lighter skin tones.  Again, we speak from experience on this topic.

In family portraits, you do not have to wear matching outfits as you have seen in hundreds of other images; coordinating colors look much better, and will make your images stand out from the crowd.

If you wear eyeglasses, please thoroughly clean the lenses and nose pads prior to session.

Shirts with graphics and/or logos are not recommended for portrait sessions, to include senior portrait sessions.  What you love today, you may just despise in ten years.

Bring your own hairbrush, hairspray, and bobby pins for touch ups during the photoshoot as we live in a windy area.

Hydrate well the night before the shoot as it gets hot and humid in our area; lighting in interior shoots can be hot as well.

Insect repellant is a critical survival tool in coastal Georgia.  Consider that outdoor locations will have populations of mosquitos, red bugs, ticks, and sand gnats.

-Are there any special considerations for photography sessions with newborns and children?

If you have small children, bringing a favorite toy or prop may just make them more comfortable during the session; this also adds personalization to the images.

Ensure they are well rested before the shoot.

Make sure to bring water and snacks for the kids.

Cleaning wipes should be brought to the session to wipe away dirt from children’s hands and face. 

Newborn shoots work well when the baby is on a set routine.  We can help you plan this as it is critical to have the infant on a routine with meals and sleep before the session.

For newborn photoshoots exclusively, we can come to your location and set up our equipment (backgrounds, lighting, etc.) to conduct the shoot.  Please allow us extra time to do this; infant photo sessions can often take up to four hours, depending on how comfortable your baby is with the changes to his or her environment.   

Do not put constricting clothing on the infant for several hours before the shoot to avoid clothing “lines” in the images. 

Consider that the newborn likes a warm environment; keep the infant wrapped and run your heat to keep them comfortable.  Small space heaters work well for this.

Sound machines may be used to comfort the newborn during the session and are welcomed.

Make sure the baby has a full belly and is well rested before the shoot.

Plan on being present and right beside us during the newborn photoshoot to pose and comfort your baby.

-Do you edit images, and can you make me look like _____________?

Painting with Light Photography has exclusive creative license for your images during your photo session.  We will do everything in our power to ensure your images look great and capture the real you! 

We do edit to provide you with a great final product; however, we do not excessively edit to turn you into someone you are not.  You are a beautiful creation, and we want to be your photographers.  We feel strongly about this as photographers and we are not for you if you seek a photographer to dramatically change your appearance in post processing.

-Do you provide me with every image that you shoot during my photography session?

You will not get every image we shoot during your session.  No true professional photographer will give you every image shot during a session as there are many variables that are not able to be controlled by the photographers. 

We have found that customers sometimes make an assumption that an image has been captured when in fact it has not; we will often have you pose to meter available lighting and check composition without capturing an image.  People very often blink or move, even unconsciously, and we capture this in an image.  As our business name is attached to your final product, we will continually strive to get you the best final image package possible.

-Can my family attend the photography session if they are not in the images?

Painting with Light Photography respectfully requests that customers minimize the number of persons present during the photography session.  A room full of persons not being photographed can quickly become distracting to the subject of the photograph, as well as to the photographers.  In smaller areas, extra persons on a shoot can actually become a safety issue as we bring our own lighting equipment and must be free to move around uninhibited for best results.

-Why do I have to sign a contract before a photography session?

Our contract protects you as the customer, and the photographers as business owners.  Our contracts are legally binding agreements that ensure that we protect you from misuse of your images, and depict the services we have agreed to provide to you the customer. 

Please note that there is a section in the contract in which you have the option to initial and provide us with the opportunity to use images captured during your photoshoot for advertising purposes, marketing, contests, etc.  Please rest assured that we will never abuse this privilege.  Please refer to our contract for more information. 

-Can I specify what memories I want captured at my event?

We strive to capture every memory which you feel is important during your event.  We would love to have a brief meeting with you prior to your event to discuss your expectations.  Please understand that we will do everything possible to capture the memories which you specify, but things do happen beyond our control; this is why we do not draw up “shot lists.” 

-Can I acquire copies of digital image files?

We do provide the customer with the option to purchase digital image files in jpeg format.  We will not offer other formats for purchase.  Please refer to our contract for further details.